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Meet the Family Behind Farmhouse Candles

Farmhouse Candle Shop originated from a dream of the Lee family in an effort to raise enough money to adopt their daughter in India. They were able to accomplish this goal in 2020 and finally bring her back home with them to America. Later that same year, they felt a calling to focus on their growing family. Still maintaining some ownership and making sure the original mission of Farmhouse Candle Shop is not lost, they sold their small candle shop to the Johnson family.

Chad and Jenise Johnson have a rich legacy consisting of 11 children and seven grandchildren. Chad grew up working for his father's business and loved nothing more than continuing the family legacy that he began nearly 84 years ago. With many memories of growing up problem-solving and learning the power of shared vision as a family, Chad looks back fondly on how being a part of a family business helped shaped him as an adult, husband, father, and friend. He knew he wanted to create roots that wouldn't take him away from his family and would allow him to create that same sense of unity and team culture his childhood had.

The Johnson family has always loved using candles to set a cozy, inviting atmosphere in their home. Chad can even recall having candlelight during his first date with Jenise in Atlanta, Georgia many years ago. Even today it’s not uncommon for them to confirm that there will be candlelight at the table when they make dinner reservations. For the Johnsons, candles have always been about creating warmth, showing hospitality, and a symbol of being a light to the world.

Because of their natural affinity with candles and desire to create a family business that can mimic the team culture created in Chad's childhood, the Johnsons excitedly became a part of the tight-knit family that is Farmhouse Candle Shop — a community that so many know and love. 

A New Legacy for the Farmhouse Candle Shop Family

Fast forward a few years and many candles later and Chad and Jenise are excited to introduce their oldest son, Baylor, and his wife, Sabrina, as the proud new owners of Farmhouse Candle Shop. 

Baylor and Sabrina met at a family camp in the summer of 2021. They fell in love almost instantly and just two weeks later, Baylor made the decision to pack up his car and make the move from Oregon to California to begin dating the woman of his dreams. A year and lots of good times later, Baylor and Sabrina took over Farmhouse Candle Shop (the same exact week they got engaged!). Surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones, they said “I do” in December of 2022 and the rest is history. 

With plenty of experience making candles alongside his parents and siblings in the family’s Candle Barn, taking over the family business just felt natural for Baylor. He appreciates a paraffin-free, clean-burning candle like the best of them and is surprisingly passionate about well-made (and great smelling!) candles. 

For Baylor, one of the biggest draws about taking over Farmhouse Candle Shop was the joy he saw his parents radiate knowing they were able to provide a simple, wholesome product that genuinely brought joy to people's lives. “I love being able to spread the word about our amazing candles and driving the vision and culture of Farmhouse Candle Shop,” says Baylor. 

“My parents and siblings were always so excited about meeting new customers and getting to know repeat, loyal customers over the years. This is a business I truly feel brings joy to others. We’re looking forward to experiencing that same joy!” 

Sabrina, on the other hand, didn’t grow up setting wicks and shipping candles over the weekend. Yet, for this naturally business-savvy young woman, running and operating the everyday ins and outs of Farmhouse Candle Shop is like second nature. Together, Baylor and Sabrina couldn’t be more excited about taking over the family business and continue a legacy of helping others add a little warmth and joy to their homes.

Big Plans for a Small Family-Run Business

Since taking over Farmhouse Candle Shop, Chad and Jenise have lent their time and expertise to ensure a smooth handoff to the shop's new owners. In fact, the entire Johnson family is still quite involved, often helping Baylor and Sabrina make, process, and ship large candle orders that come through. 

As for the future, Sabrina and Bayor have big dreams for Farmhouse Candle Shop. They’re tremendously excited to continue growing the business with a goal of one day being able to bring on their siblings and family members as employees. New candle scent formulations are also in the works (follow along on Instagram or join our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!)

Farmhouse Candle Shop's mission started by bringing a vision of hope and adoption into reality and will continue going forth to unite yet another family to more profound togetherness. Thank you for following along and supporting our candle making journey!

A Better Candle Alternative

Farmhouse Candle Shop is dedicated to handcrafting phthalate-free, lead-free, soy wax, and cotton wicked candles so that you can enjoy the aroma without any worries.