Our Story

Meet Our Farmhouse Family

Farmhouse Candle Shop originated from a dream of the Lee family to raise enough money to adopt their daughter in India. Now that they have raised funds and are in the process of taking their daughter home, they felt a calling to focus on their new addition to the family. Still maintaining some ownership and making sure the original mission of Farmhouse Candle Shop is not lost, they now share ownership with the Johnson family.

Chad and Jenise Johnson have been married for over 25 years and have a rich legacy consisting of 11 children and four grandchildren. Chad grew up working for his father's business Ceramic Decorating Co. in Los Angeles, California and continues the family legacy that began nearly 84 years ago. With many memories of growing up problem-solving and learning the power of shared vision as a family, Chad looks back fondly on how being a part of a family business has shaped him.

Now, living in Oregon with his nine children still at home, Chad wanted to create roots that wouldn't take him away from family. While Still maintaining the same sense of unity and team culture his childhood had.

The Johnson's have always admired using candles to help set the atmosphere of their home and environment. Chad can even recall having candlelight during his first date with Jenise in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, it is not uncommon for them to confirm that there is candlelight when they make dinner reservations. Candles have always been a way of creating warmth, showing hospitality, and symbolizing being a light to the world for the Johnson's.

Because of their natural affinity with candles and the desire to create a family business that can mimic the team culture created in Chad's childhood the Johnson's excitedly became a part of the Farmhouse family.

Farmhouse Candle Shop's mission started by bringing a vision of hope and adoption into reality and now is going forth to unite yet another family to more profound togetherness.

A Better Candle Alternative

Farmhouse Candle Shop is dedicated to handcrafting phthalate-free, lead-free, soy wax, and cotton wicked candles so that you can enjoy the aroma without any worries.