Home Study approved and CARINGS registered!

We have hit some huge milestones now with our adoption!  The first is that our home study has been approved by the state of Oregon!  This has been and uphill slog in getting our documentation together and then notarized.  I has been disheartening at times due to notaries making mistakes with their dates, but like any mountain worth climbing, you just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving! The second milestone is now we are officially registered with CARINGS which is India's adoption program.  Now that we are registered, it should take about 12-16 weeks to be approved by their program at which time we can be matched with a child. In the meantime we will be assembling our dossier which is a bunch of apostilled documentation about us that we will be sending over there. 

We aren't matched with a girl yet, but it has been very emotionally trying, especially for Noele. She spends quite a bit of time on facebook adoption groups and blogs reading on peoples stories and progress.  Sometimes these stories are full of joy, but others can be extremely tragic, but in all of them we see God's faithfulness and what an encouragement to see these families walking in faith as they fulfill God's will. These stories also make us pause ask a lot of "what if" questions to ourselves.  What if she's not being cared for well, what if things don't go right in the court systems, what if she's not able to come home with us due to sickness or even death? We also don't know what kind of medical conditions she will have and what it will look like to care for those needs. There are a long list of what if questions that we do ask ourselves. I don't know if it is just characteristic of me being a man, but I try to remove all of these things from my mind and focus on what is directly in front of me.  Noele on the other hand realizes adopting isn't something that we do everyday and perhaps may not do again, so she lets herself become fully immersed in the feelings and emotions. She reads every adoption story and every news article out of India.  She lets it shape her worldview and who she is. And I think she has the right of it.   It is something I need to do more of myself.  I admire her for that.   

Is adopting convenient? No. Is adopting comfortable? No. But in it is LIFE. Some of the most beautiful people have laid down their life to give life to another who otherwise would not have it..  It is what our Lord and savior Jesus Christ did when He left his heavenly abode and took on flesh.  He laid down His life that we might have life.  He said that it was for the joy set before Him (Heb 12:2).  It is our great joy and the joy of many others to do likewise.  

I want to thank all who have given to us in support of this effort.  I thought the financial part of this process was going to be the most difficult part.  What I thought was a mountain, God has turned into a molehill. So thank you to all who have given in faith..We so appreciate you!  If you read this blog, would you take a moment to pray for our little girl?  I know we don't know who she is yet, But God the Father knows her name. Also, our family would love your prayers as we work towards bringing her home.

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