Approved and matched in the same day!

Well it's been awhile since the last blog post.  14 weeks to be exact and we have some awesome news!  We have been approved by CARA and matched with a little girl in the same day!  Her name is Priyanka and she is beautiful which is exactly what her name means! We only have one photo and very little information.  We are hoping the orphanage will send a video and some more photos, but we are ecstatic to be at this point in the adoption.  Her medical file was poorly filled out to say the least but from what we understand she has some level of cerebral palsy.  We are praying that things can move quickly so that we can just get there and bring our daughter home.   

On some other news, Noele has partnered with some other families who are also adopting from India.  We've set up a promo code with the families name so when an purchase is made using that, then 30% of the sale goes to that family towards their adoption.  We feel so privileged to help others fund their adoption in this way.  We are becoming more passionate by the day for the Lord's work through adoption.  We want to encourage you if you are considering becoming an adoptive family to say yes to God and take that step of faith.  Children are a blessing from the Lord no matter what condition they come in.  You could radically change a child's life.  All people are eternal beings so if you want to invest your time and money, invest it in something that will last forever...people.

We want to thank you if you stopped by and are reading this.  We love and cherish your support and ask that you would continue praying for Priyanka.  thank you so much and we will update you more when we receive more information.


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