Almost There!

It's been awhile since our last adoption update so there is much to tell.  We are matched with a little girl named Radhika from the West coast of India!  She is only 5 days younger than our youngest son Asher.  She is absolutely adorable and we cannot wait to go get her!  Our dossier was sent to India at the beginning of September and we were recently awarded with a No Objection Clearance (NOC).  This means that the state run adoption agency and given our dossier approval and Radhika will now be registered in court!  At this time we are working on getting our visas for travel and figuring out if we are bringing our all our kids, some, or none when we go to get here.  This has been the most difficult for us due to their age.  We aren't sure how that might complicate things, but we also aren't sure how they will do here without us while we are away.  We ask for your continued prayers and support through this part and that the Lord will give us wisdom and discernment on the details of our travel and while we are there.


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